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Eardrum is an advertising agency with a peculiar obsession for audio. Does that make us weird? Of course, yes!

For the last 30 years, our obsessive nature has driven us to become the world’s most awarded audio-specialist
advertising agency.

This unhealthy attention to craft sees us work with brands directly and consult for agencies, globally, applying our sound strategic thinking, award-winning creativity, and listening prowess to all forms of media and aspects of culture.

Spongo, Fuzz & Jalapena

What we offer

Our job is to make sure you’re heard, and we can do that in a number of different ways.

Radio Advertising

We don’t just write any ol’ radio ads. Why? Well, most radio ads stink. That’s why we bring the same scrutiny to the radio as we would TV, social, digital etc.

Sonic Identity

Looks aren’t everything. From strategy to execution, we develop sonic identities for brands that stack up to the strength of their visual identities.

Integrated Campaigns

When we come up with ideas, we work out where they can live and how they can live on in the market place and amongst culture.


Don’t sell yourself short. Think long form. Let us show you how your brand could be a valuable sponsor of someone’s podcast or the star of its very own.

Voice Casting

From our partnerships with the best casting agencies in the world to our very own database, we have a voice for every ad, podcast, TV show and film.


Looking for something catchy or original you can’t compose yourself? Let us help you get it down on paper and then onto some great speakers.

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