What does your brand sound like?

Every brand goes to the effort of establishing a visual identity: a logo, colour palettes, fonts, image suites, style guide etc.
But few really think about how their brand sounds.

We develop a type of style guide for sound to create a defining sonic identity that emotionally connects with your audience, drives brand recall, and unifies the brand no matter if it’s heard on TV, radio, online, podcasts or on your brand’s on-hold music.

What we offer

Our job is to make sure you’re heard, and we can do that in a number of different ways.

Brand Audit & Analysis

We assess your brand’s exisiting sonic landscape, competitive set, touch points, brand values, partners, and territories to explore how sound is employed.

Brand Sound Strategy

We create a set of principles that express your brand sonically. Identifying key assets for production i.e. music, sound, and voiceover.

Composition & Production

We create a number of sonic assets across the touch points you need including audio logo, brand soundtracks, and product sounds. Each with a guide on how and when to use them.

Our work

Spongo, Fuzz & Jalapena

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